Saturday, February 2, 2008

Yet Another Snow Day!

Okay, so I am wayyyy done with the winter wonderland thing now! I have watched the same two DVD's until I am ready to scream! If it would at least stop for awhile my Honey could make it out to the dish and knock off a couple of inches. But alas, wishing in one hand...

I am one of those people that have never seen the value of "owning" a movie I have already seen. I can watch some movies over a couple of times as long as the viewings are spaced out just a little. The main criteria though is that I need to have at least liked the dang thing the FIRST time! Which is not the case with ONE of the two we do own! A friend gave it to us because my Honey likes it, but I do no really care too much for british humor.

I have lived in Redding since 1989 and it has NEVER snowed this much before. I was without power for some hours a couple of days ago. THAT certainly brought back some old memories, filling my oil lamps, cleaning the globes and trimming the wicks. I may not really be quite that old, but we moved onto property that did not have running water or electricity for several years of my youth. Trust me, that is enough. It makes you really appreciate what you have a lot more when you get it back!

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