Monday, March 28, 2011

Upcoming Show Causes Local Uproar!

In a really Good Way!  The First of this budding Venture..."The Burlap Harlot Show" at the Anderson Fairgrounds May 7th, is promising to be a really Spectacular Event!  Everyone Needs To Get Out There...This is a Perfect Example "Buy Local & Buy American"!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sidling Sideways Into The Shamrock!

Cafe that is!  What a nice little neighborhood flavored spot he has on the corner there for the Shamrock Cafe & Creamery! Even though I have been trying to make a point of stopping by and meeting owner Mark Loring in person, since I have been bantering with him for some time now as a FaceBook friend, I was not planning on stopping in, I had just eaten a Huge bowl of Beans & Cornbread!  I was only driving by on my way to the Orchard Nutrition !  But, as I was doing that slow drive-by, I noticed a familiar looking Bald Head pointed right at me with a smile and a wave!  As I was cracking up, haven't seen Ruben since his "Hair Follies" I had to stop and get a good laugh out of it!

Mark was a really nice Guy in person, insisted on serving me some of his Renowned Cream-O-Broccoli Soup, I thought I was going to Explode from eating more after my Beans... but it Was very good!  I ate it all, skipped the Ice Cream, ...Dam ...that is sure to be a DELIGHTFUL treat!!  Next time!  I did get the inside scoop that he is having a Awesome Custom BBQ Wagon built, I can't wait to see that Baby up and running!  I want to make sure and invite him out to BBQ at my ArtStock Event!  :)

Of course... the REAL Heart Winning moment for me was... when I realized that he WAS putting food out for the cute little skittish, Stray Kitty he was denying anything to do with... LOL!  A man after my heart...  "0  I'll be going back again Really Soon!  :)

Remember to get out and Support Local Business!  Save America ~ Buy American!

Life In Redding Still Goes On...

Even though I have moved to such a sweet little town that I love, I still do not get out there and hustle like I should for my blog fodder... I do not however, seem to have ANY problem finding trouble (oh, er, uhm), entertainment... when I make my way to the Big Town North!  :)