Friday, March 27, 2009

Finding A Great Place To EAT Is Like Finding TREASURE!

I stumbled into a little place out here in my (New) neck-o-the-woods, Palo Cedro, and I have to give a shout out about it!  Wowowowow!  It is a Mexican Restaurant named "Ortega's" and it is so good!  As soon as you walk in it smells delicious, has a real nice atmosphere and your greeted with a genuine warm feeling instead of like you are bothering them or are just another ticket!

I was sorely disappointed last week when my BF and I visited another Palo Cedro establishment, and I do not want to speak too poorly of any place just because I was not happy...but..."where's the beef"?  We paid a lot of money for a huge Burrito that was 80% rice, 15% beans and MAYBE 5% beef!  No Way!  Not Me Again!  What a rip, plus no salsa's or sauces either?  Get outta here!  Or rather I will....

But, back to the "Ortega's", the food was really good, fresh with homemade beans and the best Chili Relleno I have had in a long time!  Oh...and did I mention the PRICE?  Wayyy coool!

Check it out when you get a chance, it is even worth making it a "destination" for a good night eat-out too!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Totting Teas And Tipping Tinctures!

I have been sick lately, a dastartdly "cootie" jumped on me and beat me up!  I have a standard way of dealing with these occasional bullies... I fight back!  Usually I try to head them off at the pass, in this case the "nose" when I can tell I have been invaded.  Unfortunately, this one snuck by me in the guise of an allergy episode!

First line of attack, sneeze and get rid of as many invaders as possible!  Then kick in the fluids to rinse it all down.  Everyone knows the rest...I can't be the only one that watches PBS for crying out loud!

I avoid OTC interaction as much as possible and instead rely heavily on Vit-C, juice, green tea and chicken noodle soup, etc... But totally avoid things like Nyqui-Something, Thera-Anything, or any type products and such-nots...
My friend however thumbs her nose at my herbs and teas, scoffing and rolling of the eyes as she takes some tincture I've offered just to shut me up!  Then will drink half a bottle of green, a healthy third of the red and then top it off with a good overdose of pills washing it all down with a beer!  I don't know which of us is the crazier but I'm betting my LIVER is a lot happier than hers!

Friday, March 13, 2009

ATT: Retailers: Time To Resurrect LONG Dead Customer "SERVICE"

Retail shoppers are sick to death of being treated as if YOU are doing them a favor by offering us your wares!  In this time of screaming pennies, people tend to be a bit more selective of where and how they toss thier $$cash$$ around!
Customer Lost--Retail Giant Linen Store- $200+ sale
Customer- Excuse me, I think that comforter is on sale, it should be $59 but it rang up as $89.
Cashier (rolls eyes pointedly while sighing): I don't think so, but let me call somebody and find out!
*My friend now wants to slap this fellow as if she where his mother!
After MUCH, MUCH, MUCH ado.....
I'm sorry, that sale is only for the Green, Brown and Grey ones, the Blue ones are full price!
After all this, customer buys Brown one, vows to never return to ...Oh!...WAIT!... their going out of business, thats right, hmmmm....guess we will be buying sheets somewhere else for TWO reasons now!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On Believing In Karma!

Whew!  I am sooo lucky!  I just now finished shaking and quaking after having escaped by mere inches a head on with a car that at first looked driverless!!  What was so important on the floor of that car that it almost took our lives?  Oh little blue car, how lucky we are that I was alert with my head in the game!!