Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trying To Tread Water!

I am sure there must be brighter days ahead!  Even though I am not really sure when or where, I just know it has to eventually brighten up.  I know better than to believe it cannot get any worse, because then of course I would get slapped up side the head with something really horrible and that would teach me!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Living The Life!

Here I am living by the seat of my pants, I can't even get my computer hooked up so now I am relegated to my friends or the library!  My car is still not legal and so the library jaunt is risky and best only run when the books are due back!  Luckily, I do have access to one from my friend, but it is shared among many and time allotment is frugal!

I have gotten used to hauling my dishes back and forth to wash them, again, I have been through this one before!  At least I have running water though!  I could not handle fetching buckets of water again!  The fire tending thing even came back after 40 years!  Who knew?  My G-daughter has some new experiences for sure!  She will survive, I did!  At least she gets a ride to school, I had to walk almost 2 miles in each direction, even in the ice and rain no matter what.....  Yeah, she is sick of hearing it too!  HAHAHAHA!

Well, my time is up!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Road Rage Ruination!

Okay, well I guess this is it!  Last night I came home to find "Road Master" putting the final touches on his road barracades and now the shitz begins to stink - so we are running even faster, as I speak boxes are being taped and hauled out behind me!
I have cried and screamed in private, but I don't have time to fall into my pit of dispair, there is too much to do and I still haven't found a handbook on becoming a gypsy/ nomad/ homeless person!
we have found temporary quarters with a friend but it is tenuous at best.  I may get through this but my poor cat...

Friday, October 3, 2008

When Friends Become Vaporized...

I guess you know your in trouble when you call your "friends" and they start dodging your like someone tossing shitz bombs!
Nothing like a friend in need to make 'em all run!  If there is anyone left standing around when the dust settles you win!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why Is It So Painful To Give Up The Old And Adopt The New?

This morning as I used my relic curling iron I looked at the package and realized the woman in the photo had a bouffant! Are you frickin serious? What year was this thing made? Let's see, I have had it since about 1983 and I believe my mother gave it to me. HHmmm, WELL! Maybe it is a little old! But it has interchangeable, different size curling heads AND it swivels so the cord doesn’t tangle! Where are you going to find something like that now? You would have to buy 3 different irons for crying out loud! I must admit, there is an element of fear though when I get that old dried out cord a little too close to the sink! LOL

The thing is, I haven’t used it until now in over two years, why bother?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ravaged By Road Rage!

That is a short statement because the long one contains a whole string of known obscenities! I choke every time I try to come to grips with my new reality and realize how truly screwed I am! I feel panic every time I let my mind encompass the "whole" situation and just keep trying to focus on smaller pieces of the disaster at any one time.

I called the storage and then bought a (choke) newspaper (?) that has no real estate listings at all? I did find a ready (free) supply of little "magazines" at the local "FeedCo" store, with numerous listings! Unfortunately, unless I hit the lottery in the next 30 days, that old snowball in hell has a better chance of survival for sure!

When I E-mailed a realtor with an inquiry and mentioned my price range he E'd me back with a statement of "I doubt you can find anything Livable in That range.. Good luck with that!"

I was due to fill my hummingbird feeders but I decided I better not feed them anymore because they need to move on for the winter or they will starve!

This morning, I didn’t even bother to chase away the bears! Let ‘em move in!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Road Dispute Leaves Me In The Streets!

I am now a casualty of an ongoing dispute between the guy that owns the road and some other property owners up here on my mountain!  I have just been issued a 30 day notice because this guy is putting up a gate and closing the road!  I hear from everyone... Oh, but he can't do that, well, I do not believe he is currently listening!  Even though it will eventually go to court or whatever, that still does not help me in any way, I am just a piece of flopsom in this ocean of legal mumbo jumbo!

So, as of the end of the month I will no longer have a place to live and do not know yet what I will do.  Chances are pretty good I will be hitting up friends until I can save some money for a place!  This means I will probably not be doing much blogging by then!

Although I am scared and unsure of what will happen to me, I am able brained and sure I will land upright eventually, but I am VERY worried about my two Kitty Cats!  I do not have any way to take care of them!  The youngest will be okay somewhere I'm sure, she has social skills, but my big Kitty is a freak and I do not know how she will make it out there in the world!

Oh, and just for good measure, after much work and cash, my car still won't pass her smog, so my car is DOA too...
Okay - now - Just a quick kick to the head...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Words Of Wisdom Wasted Today...

if only I knew how to get them to the inside of that little brain! Instead I know as the words fell from my lips "You are destined to become what you are practicing for today!", I knew it bounced off her pubescent ears and fell on the floor, she stepped in it and then trailed it off across the parking lot as she stepped out of the car and trotted off to class!

She didn't get it and I know I only sounded like an old weirdo, but I couldn't help it or even stop myself from saying it!  Where in the hell did I pull that out of anyway?

But the truth in that line.....

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Start Of A New Week Begins Another To-Do List That Will Never Be Done!

I am not complaining of course, merely stating the facts as I see 'em! There is a deep appreciation for the attention deficit part of me when it comes to creativity and spontaneity, but when it comes to the organization part and actually getting anything done I have to rely on the old OCD to pull something together!
So far I am on a roll, but the week is young! I only put of about 6-7 projects off today’s list. I am sure I’ll get a better start tomorrow! :)

I did however manage to finish one of my new paintings today! 

Lionessa Del Sol
Go have a busy day, I will!  HAHAHA

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Can Believe In Fairies If I WANT TO!

Okay, So Maybe it is not really a conviction I hold to my soul, but I still feel a little like stamping my feet anyway! I was confronted with that yank on my chain yesterday. I admitted to consulting a deck of "Fairy Oracle" cards I enthusiastically brandish as a cute little entertaining tool for dispensing advice (primarily) to my G kids to someone at a social event. This led to an astonishing "admonishment" about how these things are against God and are inherently evil!

Some people just feel the need to poop on someone else’s good times!

Yeah, my Pastor told me that I should not bring my friends to church if they didn't have nicer clothes because it was insulting to God that they looked "SHABBY"! I don't like YOUR GOD! My GOD Doesn’t give a ratz azz what my friends are wearing so long as they are seeking positive energies for their SOULS!

No I do not believe that these innocent cards are going to lead my G kids or influence any of my friends to become Satan Worshipers or slaughter sacrificial animals! I do not believe that Harry Potter was written by a secret cult to indoctrinate children into Satanism either!

Back off you zealot freaks!

Here is what my G daughter’s card said for today's message from the FAIRIES!

"Raising Your Standards" The fairies ask you to concentrate on relinquishing negative thoughts and to affirm to yourself that you deserve the best and to set your sights ahead to higher goals! They encourage you to remember that all of Gods children deserve the richest rewards when committed to living by higher standards.

Evil, PURE EVIL I say!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

$40 Dish Towels, $90 Bath Mat! Life Of A Queen!

Too bad it doesn't feel like that when I am using these particular items! It actually feels like such a WASTE! (Heavy Sigh) Oh well, it beats throwing it in the trash, which is where it is just about headed! The bath mat is a piece of Chenille Fabric from Scalamandre that originally clocked in at about $125 per yard back in 1985. The dish towels, a luxurious, upholstery weight fine linen by Henry Calvin, was about $85 yard back then too. I was choking the other day as I cut up a piece of genuine, vintage, mohair fabric from about 1975. I believe it was worth your left arm back then; I was cutting it up to use as stain applicators for my husband! The beautiful Salmon Jacquard I am using as a dish-board mat; pillows for "The Lodge At Pebble Beach"! (Lamenting Heartily) 'Tis the destiny of some of this life's treasures!

I must say though, the Christmas stockings I made from Pierre Duex Fabric were really cute. More importantly, I understood that the small recipients could not care less that the red and white plaid linen originally sold for about $70 a yard, but only that they were huge and held a lot of goodies!

Those last two canvases that I bought at Michael's cost me about $15 each. Now, here I am looking at this pile of fine linen fabric, about 10 yards of it, and now I start thinking , so I wonder, if they just put some gesso on it...

more whining here... http://fabrichoard.blogspot.com

Friday, August 22, 2008

So The Problem With Happy Plants...

They become mighty prolific! Yes indeedy!

Oh, it usually starts innocently enough. For instance the new home owner faced with a void of greenery, usually runs out and grabs cases and flats of nursery specials. Totally unaware that in just a couple of short years these same little darlings will be producing more than their flowers! In my case, I moved into a new residence and the exterior was devoid of (healthy) vegetation. So I felt compelled to begin nursing and preening everything as well as add numerous new fill ins!

So, here I am now headed into my third season, up here in my castle upon this lovely mountain. And I swear I must have been outta my mind planting all this "STUFF" OMG! It is consuming way too much of my time and resources here! I spend hours now instead of minutes watering, pruning and yanking out undesirables! I am sure they even somehow brought in outsiders, because I didn't plant all those bulbs!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Wow What A Wonderful Breath Of Paint Fumes!!!

Okay, so maybe there isn't really any fumes to speak of with my acrylics! LOL!
But, I was busy today and even in the triple digit heat, I found some joy. I realized the heat would really speed up my drying time and laid out 4 really nice pieces of linen. Since I know this is a nice heavy linen it would take a little extra heat to set it up properly! Cool, I can't wait! By this time tomorrow I will be bragging about at least 1 or 2 pieces I slung some paint on!

I Have Been Shut Down! Whew!

Recently, I had some other blogs, pages and group postings that I had started. This was primarily because I was helping a group of associates explore some new avenues of communication and announcements of their merchandise, events and news. This was mainly at their own behest mind you, not just me pulling this out of my ..., anyway... so I had begun establishing, building and filling content on same said pages/sites for the last few weeks. Well, I was pretty darn proud of my little "fledglings", so I thought to myself..."Hey, I have enough stuff going on here, I just need some traffic!" So I set about inviting all the people that were directly associated with the same said "group" of people that I was "webbing" for /about.

HHHMMM.... sounds about right doesn't it?

Well let me tell you how it really went down! (Literally)

Shortly after sending out my electronic invitations to friends and Romans, about 24 hours later, I received a copy of a group E-mailing. This E mail was worded in an urgent manner, for the others to immediately explore these sites and pages thoroughly and to report back to their leader as soon as possible! The language was such that you would believe it to be a emergency!

OMG!! What have I done? I quickly went to these websites and began scouring them for whatever atrocities I had committed! I read them over and over, no, I do not think I had insulted anyone. I had not used nary a one of the "forbidden" words anywhere! I had not used anything that I thought could be misconstrued in any way that I could find! My pictures, albeit not great, I did not think were degenerate! I read, re-read, rewrote, checked errant ads and whatever else I had on there! I spent about 4-5 hours at this the first evening I caught wind of a problem, then spent the entire next day unable to get to my computer! Trust me though, it was all I could blather on about all day to anyone that would listen! What had I done?

That evening, I received "The Call" from the leader....

After all that sweating over my content, here is what the problem was...

If you clicked onto some of the links contained in MY various sites, such as "Joe Bloes Hobby Center">fan club>friends> Sam blue, you could sometimes find content that some of the others might find questionable! Maybe you would click on the moderators profile>links>myspace>friends, wow, now some real crappolla hit the fan there baby (can't pick family folks)!! Then, of course, lets not leave out that on one of these links, >there was a link> that led to another artists website> , that led to another profile>, that had a friend listed on it> that if you went to his webpage>, he had a song on his site that was rauncy! Yup, there it is, less than 6 degrees of seperation there!

So, there is nothing wrong with my content? NO,NO,NO! CONT RARE! But, you cannot have links on OUR PAGE, that could lead to other sites, where there may be links, images or written content that we might find objectional and do not want to be associated with! So the writing "thing" is okay, on the ONE site, but you will have to remove all those links. "Oh' and that "Random Art Slide Show" ( like the one on this page) that links to a site called "Flickr"? That definitely MUST be removed, and the moderator or controller or whatever of that site should be contacted. Someone needs to be checking their content because some of their so called art is just pornographic and should not be allowed to be presented as art! We cannot be associated with these types of websites!" You can however, continue to write on the ONE website if you remove that "Flickr" images link as well as the other links and then submit your writing for approval before posting! As for the other web presentations, there are far too many objectionable links on them and are not going to be acceptable. You really will have to take them down. Also, be sure any future endeavers are approved and cleared through us before proceeding or postings!

UUHHH...... the whole comunication, links, contacts, networking, reaching out to the community concept here folks......

After arguing for about an hour over this whole debacle, my brain was done and my internal timer went, DING! HUH? Am I really sitting here arguing, conjoling and begging to be "allowed" to continue doing this whole "webbing" thing for these people? Are you kidding? Spend untold future hours preening, updating information, primpimg pages and blogging about them? The weeks have already been sucked out of me! I haven't produced a single piece of art in 2 months! I have already put into this way more than I ever intended...every bit of it for FREE! As a Volunteer! Wait, What? All for naught?

Please... Here, by all means, just let me get logged on... Alright, here we go, Let me take care of that for you...

CLICK! There you go, no more Myspace! What else? OH! Okay, CLICK, no more Craigslist! You really hate the Squidoo? Okay>CLICK>Gone! Here let me take of these others also, who needs Facebook, Wikipedia and Open Directory anyway?
Your right, uhh huh! Okay, sure thing, NO PROBLEM, yup, Good Night! Uhh Huh, Bye Now!.......

I cannot retrieve those lost hours, ideas and energies, but I can damn sure make sure I keep my FREE efforts concentrated on my own behalf from now on!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why Do I Need To Prove I Am Worthy?

Recently I found myself in a position that I found all too uncomfortably familiar and I had a very hard time holding my tongue (which was socially imperative at the time) and so now I want to F#%/*& rant a little!

I consider myself an artist. Will I say I am a GREAT artist? No WAY man, I can honestly say that I have way too much fun to take it quite that far and say I am a "serious" artist! I am not! Could I have been? Most probably! Why am I not? Because I do not want to be! Not before in life nor will I care to do so in the future! Why not? Because that whole "make it look like ...." thing is just too d%#^ much WORK! My artistic choices tend to be geared towards having more fun, spontaneity and a with just a little more instant gratification! I want you to look at my work and think "Wow, I've never seen that before! I wonder how they did that?" I do not want to spend hours grueling over the perfection of an arm or a pose! I do not care to spend my life looking at my work with microscopic scrutiny to find my mistakes! Geeesh! Just Take a PICTURE for crying out loud!

Oh, I had my moment(s) when that was a path I could have chosen, but I soon tired of the monotony of pumping out boring drawings and paintings that you could buy in a paint-by-number box! By the time I should have pushed myself forward and taken my artistic abilities to task, I BAILED! Yup, I just shut it all down and was done with it all! I punked out big time! For years I would not even mention to people that I had anything at all to do with anything artistic! I was really burned out from the "Oh, can you draw my dog? Will you paint my horse?" I would work for days on a drawing and then give it away, they are then very happy! Mention BUYING some artwork and watch 'em shut down! So if people started talking about something artistic I would just oohh and aahhh along nodding my head like a dashboard decoration!

I bet Doctors hate going to parties!

I did go through another spurt in my early adult years where I did some nudes for a few friends and a nice clammer ensued, but again, I opted to get a life! Time is money when your raising a family! Big kudos to all those awesome artists out there who stick it out and go on to make a real living or better, but I couldn't do it! My "art" became something else in my world, pride in doing excellent work, at a paying job!!

Later in life...

I had the opportunity (luxury) to take some college courses for my leisure (as opposed to career geared) and found myself drawn to taking several art classes! I took whatever they threw my way for a couple of semesters and then I took a class on "Abstract and Surrealism", WOWEE!! I found something that opened my mind, eyes and abilities to a whole new world! AND I LIKED IT! I have won several awards, so I feel like I am okay, I feel SELF justified! It was a great new avenue for me and to tell you the truth... I hardley ever look back... only when someone says "Oh... your an ABSTRACT artist, doesn't that just mean you can't draw?"

Yeah....that's it! :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Too Much Good Stuff!"? I Call BS! Eat My Shorts...

As I was collecting my change I was still fuming, I said "I will NEVER step foot in this store again"! "Good", Susan Says, "We don't want you to come back!" I loudly proclaim " I'll be writing about this somewhere, I promise! To complain to corporate or even around Redding!" "Great, have a good time with all that writing then" she shoots to me! Lovely customer service policy there at the corner AM/PM store!

I certainly intend to hold up my end of the deal! It all started because I refused to pay $1.79 for a cup of ice (MY CUP) to go with my $2.00 SoBe! They also wanted another $1.79 for my G daughters waterbottle (her bottle) full of water/ice, even though she was also buying a large Slurpee (another $2.00)! We were not using their cups, nor were we "none buying" customers and I felt this was outrageous and asked her to please just pour out the offending vessels! She was angry now that I was outraged! GMAFB! If you need to ask..Don't!

Now I have been doing this for many years, in many places and have paid for my ice quite a few times! I would even expect to pay a nominal fee such as .25-.50 or something even reasonably close! I am a fairly loyal patron and certainly a creature of habit, I may not be a wealthy person, but I spend a reasonable enough amount of my hard cash at one of the OTHER AM/PM stores!.. I will be paying close attention on my next trip I promise! If they are charging me that I will just not stop THERE anymore either! Neither will anyone in my family nor a single one of my friends once I tell them this outrageous gaffe! We are already choking on the "No credit card, but we will charge you up the wazoo to use your ATM" rule they have going!

I don't NEED the AM/PM!

Monday, July 28, 2008

What The Heck Happened To The Flea Market?

So I go out to a local flea market yesterday, I will admit I did arrive a little late in the morning, BUT HEY, it was still MORNING! I arrived about 10:40, I could not believe it! ALMOST EVERYONE WAS GONE! The few tables left out there were clearly the stragglers, just swapping spit and laggardly putting their things away. What the heck? The heat? It was pretty nice still yet, it had not gotten too terribly hot and there was a slight breeze. At least the hangers on were nice enough though to let me pick through their wares!

Then there is the auction house! I remember they had a fire a while back, but wasn't that a long time ago? Why does it look like a bomb was detonated just night before last? Can the community get involved in this? HHMMM........

I do know there is another flea market. I go there quite frequently as my BFF lives right near by, but I just thought I would check out the "other" side of town for a change! If there was a flea market war (maybe I missed it?) I know which one won!

Too sad, really! What can we do to help?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

First Day In Empty Nest!

I can't believe it! Woohoo! I have the whole day to myself! To do whatever I WANT!

As soon as I finish my weeding-n-watering I am going to start on finishing a couple of the dozen or so projects on my workbench and then I am positively itching to try a couple of new ideas! So my blog will be short, besides the "must do" my want to list is way too urgent! LOL

Heres to wet paint and all the people slinging it! DAB, SLAP and ROLL ON!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Getting Ready To Roll Up The Tents!

I Am torn between being happy that the kids are going home today and feeling very sad that they are leaving! As I sit here with my stolen moments after my Honey leaves for work and they wake up, I drink my coffee and sigh with the thoughts. Wow, has it really been 3 weeks? I never know where all the time goes!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You Just Never Know Will Happen When You Run A Circus!

At least that is how I feel lately! I made a really big leap this year and took all 4 grandkids for a few weeks at the same time! I must be a real glutten for mental stress! I figured it would bw cheaper in the long run than several trips back and forth to the Bay Area as well as give my daughter a REAL break. Usually I take 1 or 2 at a time and just switch back and forth. I must say, it is very, very hard to keep it all together! I do not know how my daughter does it! Just the groceries alone are a nightmare! I am at the store almost every day! Not to mention the constant entertainment and the squabbling! AAARRRGGGHHHHHH........................................!

Thanks to the stars for my BFF JM! She came to the rescue big, BIG time and we went out to her small ranch for some "Camping and Farming Fun!" What a woman, a mighty fine woman is she! Whew! It was really great and the kids all had the time of their life. They have never been camping at all or even had experience around farm life, so it was a real thrill all around! Even if it was a cheat to have a tent pitched in the "backyard"! HAHAHA!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

JT Smog Is My Champion!

My car woes are too extensive to even try to drag them out here! That said, ( just hum a few bars of an appropriate burial tune here), it is time to put her down. I was set up in such a way that it would have been very easy for the above mentioned gentleman to just rake me over the coals. Instead he and his front lady went out of their way to help me in every way and even ended up doing a little "volunteer" work on same said aging "Armadilla", "Dilla" for short! What a great way to do business in this day and age! FANTASTIC PEOPLE THERE!

JT Pro Smog
2786 S. Market St.
Redding - 243-2278


Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Did It, Nuh-Uh-Uh-UHH-UH!

It was quite the little side project I took off on there! But I finished my friend's BD present! I must admit that I did see my husband paste one of those smiles on his face that says"Oh gee honey, I sure wish I could get that!" While his lips said "Uhh, thats nice honey!"

I was working one day on a different piece when I saw this naked piece of canvas in this odd shape left from a diferent project. It was just lying on the table next to me, when I looked down I saw a big "grin" and I just caught a whim. I saw it in an instant and knew right then what I wanted, but it sure took a lot more than I thought to get there! Any way, I finished it in time for her BD!

I will post a pic just because I seriously doubt she will see it here!

The name of this one is "I AM Smiling!"

I just wish I could take better pictures! LOL

Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Sixteen Ton What Do You Get?"

I am sure that Mr. Ford never intended that tune as a dietary inspiration but unfortunately this has always been the tune that runs through my mind when ever the dreaded D word rolls around in my mind! DIET! AARRGGHH! Another thing I must deal with!

Some years ago I developed my own diet plan and refer to it according to the above ditty. I call it the 16 stone diet! HAHAHA I know it is funny, but it works for me! I drove off about 75 pounds in just under a year. That was great, then I let them just creep right back in and I believe they brought a couple of Friends!

So back to it I must dedicate, for my health is reminding me that I am a very mortal creature and need to pay attention! Writing this today is hereby declaring that I am embarking on said mission!

This is a chip out of a painting by one of my favorite artists : Duane Breyers, anyone know the name of this beauty? Hint: mid 1900's

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh No! I stepped in a pile of what?

I did it again, another pile of (scraps)! LOL! You would think I would learn to shut the trap door and stop letting out the hot air! Once again, I volunteered to (help?) my G-daughter make some nice autograph books for her friends and self for the end of school. It sure looked easy enough on that Internet website instruction page and lord knows I could use another outlet for some albatross (oops, I mean fabric) ( http://fabrichoard.blogspot.com/ ) anywhere it can be appreciated! She has only been at that school for a couple of months, how many close friends can she have? Turns out that 6 was the magic number.

Everyone knows it is never as easy as it looks. Especially when it needs to be dealt with by a menopausal, OCD driven, self monitoring volunteer! I am going to leave the rest of that story to ones own imagination! I will say that I think they all came out quite lovely! My Hunny even tried to score one for himself. I convinced him that even if it was blue, the floral silk was still not really his forte!

Now I have to get it together for the next pile of do! I still have about 4 different pieces on my work table that are NEARLY done, I just have to get'er done!

The very next piece to be finished will be my good friend's BD present that is calling to me with the urgency of an aproaching date!

I will not even mention the OTHER work I volenteered for at my local art league!


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So Boils The Ink!

It is said that venting helps relieve the pressure of a steaming pot. Well by all means let me vent before I blow!

I am admittedly ignorant to a great degree about computer issues. I am always just poking and prodding my way around, like a fish gasping for air flashes through my mind here. I will also admit that a good deal of this is by choice because it is just difficult and sometimes mental challenges are just too daunting! That said, I have not gone through the whole challenge of learning how to change/refill the ink cartridges in my printer. I may also mention it has been about 9 months or so! I do not do very much printing, I hardly ever use it! If I want pictures I print them at a local shop that deals with and produces wonderful prints at dirt cheap prices! I can't even do it at home with 3 times the hassle! If I am after documents I would simply put it on my flash drive and take it to my Kinko's! No muss - no fuss!

That was before - this is now. Last night I took an urgent trip from my home all the way to same said local friendly printers because of course they are open at all hours and it was after 6 p.m. I probably would have gone somewhere closer if I had only known where I could have done so, because it was a 40 mile trip on top of everything else!

As I walk in I observe a young man at the desk that I always receive wonderful service and I am pleased to see that he is not busy! (He is leaning back in chair with arms behind head, reclining and slightly rocking as he observes all those others around him!) As I approach him I extend my flash drive towards him and begin to stammer a request for prints of a couple of documents, with a little tongue tied blurting I finally got it out that would he pretty please print me a couple of documents from this drive.

First he rolls his eyes in an exaggerated manner, reluctantly and slowly sits forward, heaves an audible sigh, finally takes the flash drive from my hand, inserts into his tower and then announces in a slightly contemptuous tone that there would be an &2.95 access fee for him to open my drive! I am flabbergasted, no one had ever charged me this fee before! I have done this same thing at least 6-8 times over the last few months! Maybe they were all just overly nice? Anyway, when I acted shocked and asked him was there another way, he pointed and told me I could go to the back and pay to use the computer and do it myself. Okay, I have never done this either, how do I do that and how much does that cost? He is now decidedly put out, can I please just leave him alone? Not his words but it was obvious none the less! I snatched my drive from his hand as I retreated to my proper station(?)!

Because the 5 sheets of paper where so important I was forced to figure it out, even though it ended up costing me more than if I had just paid him his extortion fee because it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to access the drive and retrieve my docs! I get my pat on the back though because it was not really that small of a feat for an old cuss like me, but I rolled on out of there with my papers even if not any dignity!

First thing this morning, I whipped out the instruction book for my printer, I'll be headed into the office supply today for sure! Bottom line, I will NEVER, EVER go to that establishment again! I realize that my few cents here and there mean nothing, but my big mouth has been spewing for months about how it was too easy to just go to them instead of dealing with my printer issues and had convinced at least 2 other people of the same thing over the last few months. I even convinced my BF that she was better off just going there instead of trying to print her flyer's at home!

A couple of weeks ago, my G-daughter needed a flyer copied for school, we were right next door to a little place on the old side of town called "PAGES", we popped in there and the people there were sooo nice, trust me, if I ever need another thing I will be there, even if they are a little less conveniently located!

Okay, now I feel better!

What a spectacular day here on my mountain! Wow! What a magnificent place this is to reside! I have been out preening my emerging roses with much glee. Even clipped my first bud and put it in a vase just this morning! How can life be any better? Not even possible! :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finally Found Fabric Fan!

Yes! I did it, I found a person to take some of my albotross! (oops) I mean fine fabric!
If you want more on THAT story you can read it at http://fabrichoard.blogspot.com or just take my word that I have been trying to find a taker for awhile now. Since I have been trying to make some room for my G-daughter to have some space it has become quite a bit more urgent! So the last couple of weeks I have been sorting, folding, shifting and fondling so much fabric my eyes are ready to roll around! But I have done pretty good job considering I can only do those things for 15-20 minutes at a time. I cannot hold my arms up and fling them around for much longer than that! Who needs physical therapy?

Also on my agenda has been a full bore onslaught of the gardening! Everything needs groomed and fed! It is like having pets, hahaha! Add onto that some volunteer work I opted into and I must say my plate is mighty full these days! I am not complaining, I am celebrating! I called my sister, she used to call me every day and want to talk for hours. I told her she had too much time on her hands and she needed to go find something else to do! So now she had not called in a very long time, so I was beginning to worry. I call her up and I say why haven't you called lately? She said "You told me to go get a life so I did!" I said are you complaining? She says "No, I love it!" HAHAHA!

Today's Oracle says "Body Movement"! Hmmmmm..... Does that just mean "Get your butt in gear?" LOL

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Whew! Catching Up To The Rest Of The World Takes A Lot Of Energy!

My G-daughter is in school now, we managed to get "Dilla" (armadillo) running and I even sold my first painting! Woo-Hoo! I am on a roll! LOL! Now I get to go spend my loot on a tune-up, smog test and registration for aforementioned "Dilla", that is the name of my little grey car, I come from a long line of car namers. I understand this is silly but it does not stop the naming process one bit!

I spent all day yesterday in the studio. It has been awhile since I had a chance to get back to some of the pieces I have been trying to finish. I still did not finish anything but at least I bumped some things ahead! HAHA! I always have so many pieces going at the same time, I work on one for awhile then on another. I am not sure which way to look at this, you can call this wet paint or ADD, either way.

Today is April Fools day! This is the day my Critter Kitty was born, around 1-2 A.M., in the closet at my Daughters home! Happy happy! But then, that very night at around midnight, my old Misty Kitty, she was about 13-14 years old, disappeared forever!

She was semi-wild, she had come into my world out of the field behind my shop at a very young age. She just walked in one day in early summer, scoped out the area, jumped up on a pile of fabric in the corner, cleaned herself and went to sleep! After a couple of weeks, I caught her and took her to the vet, got her all fixed up and she lived in my shop for about 8 years. When I closed my shop, I brought her home to live me and she lived there for another 5-6 years. She was never the domestic, not to be held or coddled. She would let only me and my Hunny any where near her, but she was an exceptional hunter and kept all of her kingdom pest free! We kept a window rigged that she was always free to come and go. Eventually she began to get too old to protect her territory and had gotten to the point of mostly living in and close to home but there were some neighborhood bullies that had even come into the house after her a couple of times. Then, on that fateful night, my Hunny awoke to a horrible cacophonous and ran out to break up a really bad cat fight in our kitchen, involving several cats jumping her in her own home! The whole shebang went out the window, Misty never came back!

Was a very sad event, but I did take it as a sign to accept a couple of the new kitties from my daughters litter! Hence my two original kitties here on my mountain, Critter and Cuddles! But alas, Cuddles met with a tragic demise of her own! No more sad for today!

Here is todays positive energy focus.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I Sure Do (Did) Love Ann Landers! Who You Say?

Yup, I said Ann Landers! I know she is gone now but it doesn't change the wisdom of her words! I would skip everything in the paper on some days and still go back to read her column. Recently during a debate, the subject "maturity" became the center of rounds! A couple of days later low and behold I pull this clipped gem out of an old calender book. It is so yellow I can barely read it, so I am inspired to put it in writing to carry it on! I have no idea who the author is, but kudos to the hammer on that nail!

Maturity is the ability to control anger and settle differences without violence.
Maturity is patience, the willingness to pass up immediate pleasure in favor of long term gain.
Maturity is perseverance, the ability to sweat out a project or a situation in spite if heavy opposition and discouraging setbacks.
Maturity is the capacity to face unpleasantness and frustration, discomfort and defeat without complaint or collapse.
Maturity is being big enough to say "I was wrong." And, when right need not experience the satisfaction of saying "I told you so!"
Maturity is the ability to make a decision and stand by it. The immature spend their whole lives exploring endless possibilities and then do nothing.
Maturity means dependability, keeping ones word and coming through in a crisis. The immature are masters of the alibi! They are confused and conflicted. Their lives are a maze of broken promises , former friends, unfinished business and good intentions that never materialize.
Maturity is the art of living in peace with what we cannot change, the courage to change what should be changed and the wisdom to know the difference!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Running As Fast As I Can!

My G Daughter came to stay with us for awhile. I have spent the last few days trying to reacquaint myself with the school system. Whew! I feel like I have run a marathon! LOL!

I also have been trying to get some things set to get the garden going. I cannot make up my mind what to put into my little space this year. I do not plant veggies, just plants and flowers, but I am tired of replanting. I am ready for some perennials!

I feel mighty accomplished just by getting all my Easter off in the mail on time to get to it's destinations. Woo-hoo! I even managed to get a little something for MY Hunny Bunny too!

Friday, March 7, 2008

I Just Love Life Out Loud!

Keeps me too busy to whine! What a whirlwind week I have had, I have stretched myself just a smidgen! HAHAHA! Oh well, as I said above, I am LOUD!

I have been looking at a blue screen on our monitor for almost a year now. We have never even seen our vacation pictures in real color! Eventually, the edges of the screen started warping in and out with a flickering reminiscent of an old florescent bulb, I had to admit, we were going to lose our monitor soon. It finally flat lined and stubbornly stayed that way after much cajoling and whining I had to unplug it and have a reserve unit brought up. A very kind friend had given it to me when I mentioned my blue screen. Alas; where the h--l is that freakin cord? Never to be seen again I am sure! So now the quest begins...

After much searching, high and low, a few days without and cost analysis, I ended up with a fine replacement supplied by a local Second Hand shop. I do so love this little spot, I will not divuldge it's identity for fear of others tresspassing on my sacred hunting grounds! HAHAHA! But seriously, strictly need to know okay...

Anyway, I am very happy to be back on the highway again, and yes I am trying to stay out of the way as I chug-a-lug along, but I do so love to cruise around! LOL!

I certainly was not bored during my off line period. I went gonzo in the studio and played with some really cool ideas and tried some new stuff, with some really interesting and fun results. I am going to have a couple of pieces ready for the fair for sure, I even finished a cool piece for one of my friends.

Off I go, I have paint dry and pieces calling me, I will be posting new pictures on my 360.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Mountain Bliss Chai

Here is today's blend for anyone that just so happens, or merely to remind myself someday!

1 Jasmine
1 rose hips
1 earl grey
1 roobios
2 raspberry
1/4 orange zest
1 pod cardamom (crushed)
1-2 dash bitters
1 sliver crystal ginger

Steep in 2-3 cups clear water brought to boil then removed for a minute or so from flame. Just enough to drop back on "fury" of boil! :)

I steep until cooled significantly, then press with my most excellent french press. I usually add honey as a sweetener and have even today used some special honey I bought. Raspberry honey! Yummmmy!

In a shaker I add ice 2/3 tea, a shot of french vanilla creamer and fill with milk, cover and shake, pour into a BIG tall glass and step out to the deck with a fantastic chai! MMMMMMM.....

Makes enough for several glasses, just save in fridge for next day! Keeps fairly well for 1-2 days. But do not add cream or milk until ready to serve.

Spring Is In The Air!

Poking my head out I could not help but feel drawn to the out doors. So I doned my favorite sweater and grabbed my walker. I strolled around like a queen looking over her lands, wishing my dang camera was working. I really had a wonderful turn, looking at all my little sprouts and buds just starting to peek out to see if the coast is clear yet! The amazing weather and glorious surroundings are such a feeling of inspiration!

I have really been in the studio the last few days, making up for my down time! I am on an "up" cycle, so I'll take it! I will keep 'er rockin til I roll! HAHAHA! On the floor that is! LOL Anyhoo... I have been working on a couple of really fun projects, trying some new things and having happy "accidents"! I really like a couple of my new pieces and will be posting pictures as soon as I find out what the heck is wrong with my camera!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Self Reliance!

That is the meditative consultation put forth today! Hmmm... what the heck can that mean?

I think I have been waiting for someone else to take my particular "bull by the horns" so to speak. This could be how it is put in front of me, to make me see it that way?

I guess I should just pony up and GED! That stands for GET 'ER DONE, for the not so Red Neck inclined!

How Magnificient To Look Out And See Such Wonders!

I cannot believe how beautiful it is looking out on the lake! (And how lucky I am to be here to appreciate it!) The sun sparkling on the water is better than a string of diamonds! Listening to my favorite sounds, XM 856, standing out on my deck and sipping on a freshly brewed recipe of chai, I am perfectly aware that I am living really, REALLY large! LOL! It could not possibly be any better! If I was a multi billionaire this could not be any more wonderful, you cannot pay for this kind of feeling!

Monday, February 25, 2008

O' Me O' My I'm Always Late!

I have the darnedest time trying to keep up with myself! You would think that I have nothing to do and yet I am always running around like a chicken.... well you know the rest! I an original attention deficit disorder poster child!

I just read that the Fair is gearing up! OMG, I do not even have this years entry formulated in my brain yet! Di spite of course, the opinion by some that, "It seems like a monkey could throw some stuff at the canvas and call it "Abstract Art", my 7 yr old could do something like that!", it actually takes some thought and considerations! more

This years entry is a planned gift, I would be soo delighted if I could do something as to earn a placement at the Fair with it first! I won a First and Second place last year, so I am hoping to come up with something that really puts some icing on that! WooHoo!

Meanwhile, I am off to assemble the goodies to make my Hunny some taquitos for dinner tonight, as well as his lunch for a couple of days! I am currently broasting some chicken, then I have to put another coat of finish on a piece, sew up a couple of things after laundry and try not to antagonize an already threatening Herky Jerky!

Here is one I finally took off my bench today to give it a home out in my world!

Redding Should Be An Artists Mecca!

As wonderful as Redding is, I can't help but feel like there is a certain lack of enthusiasm towards the "Arts" here bouts! I am an artist, saying that to anyone during a conversation almost always solicits some pretty odd responses. Usually though, along the lines of "too bad you can't find a real job!" Not in those exact words mind you, but it is definitely implied by all means! I find I am defending myself in no time flat! Somehow, within a few moments of the conversation, I find myself stammering something about not being able to work any more and that I can barely even get to my artwork. Admitting to being an artist is tantamount to saying "I am just too lazy to try to work for a living" as far as most people here seem to feel.

I lived in Monterey when I started taking Art classes. The "Art" atmosphere there felt quite different. If you tell anyone you are an artist in that area of the land, you are apt to feel more like a Dr. at a dinner party! "Really? Oh my gosh, I have a wall that I need to do something with! What kind of art do you do? I would love to see your work!" If you say you are an "Award winning artist" you are a treated as if you could walk on water! I was thrilled to explore art in such a vibrant and enthusiastic environment!

I can say that in my honest opinion, Redding has by far, much more of a potential draw for artistic souls than even the finest "scene" offered on the coast. We have some of the most spectacular sights, inspirational opportunity and soul capturing ambiance that can be had! Ask any Reddingite, once the red dirt gets in your veins, you will always return! I can visualize Redding as an artistic hub that would make some other "Artistic Meccas" look like dried up wells!

Alas, it is all in the attitude. There must be an appreciation for the abilities of an artist, at the very least some feeling of respect! I belong to a local art group and they are constantly struggling to keep enough people interested to keep even a small semblance of the "Art Culture" alive here in these parts!

Up To My Neck In The Suds!

I'm quite sure that if you ask someone in sales about handing out samples, they will say that they really do work. I am a sucker for a good sample. The key word here is "good"of course. If I try something that I really like, I will go out of my way to obtain it again.

Recently, I found a small bottle of Meyers Dish soap, Geranium scent to be exact, at one of my favorite hunting grounds. I know that manufacturers give up goods to these discount places as a way to get rid of the merchandise they need to "dump" for whatever reason. I really don't mind that though, I just love a good bargain, hence my frequent trips to every bargain bin in our area. Anyway, so I bought this same said small bottle, mostly because I know of the brand from previous life experience and knew it was a great bargain. (I once was a nanny for a well-to-do couple, the lady of the house insisted that I shop where she dictated. Her credit card, I shop where she tells me to!) I only bought one bottle because of my tight budget and figured that if I liked it I would try to get back and get some more on payday. Well as it goes in my world. I LOVED, loved, loved the stuff and when I got back to the store, it was all GONE! AAARRGGGHHH!!

So now I have nearly used this small 8 oz bottle up, even though I have been as snigly as possible to achieve as much use out of it as possible. Now I had to go the extra distance and actually find a way to get my hands on more! So the people that make this magnificent product would be happy to know I just ordered a whole case of this product, to get the best deal possible, on it's way to uplift my spirits while immersed in my pile of dishes!

I know it sounds silly, but let me say, this stuff is really, no I mean really GREAT! It smells sooo good, I have investigated perfumes with "geranium" tones! How bad is that? I have to say, it even cuts the grease as well as my beloved Dawn! I have been preaching Dawn to my friends and family for years, even bought it for them to get them going! I can say though, if they want some of my Meyers they better whip out the credit card, I have the web site on my desktop, they even have free shipping! LOL! :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chili Yesterday, Tamales today!

I guess I must be on a roll, cause I have spent entirely too much time in the kitchen the last couple of days! My Hunny sure likes all the home made goodies. Unfortunately for me, after 25 years, he no longer feels like it is too much of a big thing. He has a reaction like you would to a TV dinner on Friday night! Uh, yeah thats okay, put that in my lunch tomorrow! That is the highest compliment my Hunny can dole out! Of course, if I try to serve anything not "home-made" I never hear the end of it!

We stopped at a local fast food place, on way home from night on the town, "Why can't you just make something when we get home?" "No dear, it is already 10:30 at night, I am not going home to cook!" "I don't like this chili, don't buy it ever again, why don't you make some? Tomorrow!"

Trip to winco later, I make a KILLER pot of chili! Then...

What the heck is that? Did you buy tamales? Why can't you just make some? What is even in those? I bet those are full of junk, probably not even good for me! I don't want any of those, just fix me a sandwich or something!

So today I forced my BF to come on up to my mountain and help me make some tamales! I am hoping they are successful. I have made them before, but again, nobody is perfect! EXCEPT MARTHA!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Dinosaur Down

Today was the day that my JC Penny microwave, that we bought brand new for our first apartment back in 1984, decided it would wave no more! I knew for awhile that it was feeling a little "under powered". I had to turn everything several times for even heat. It did not have a turntable, that was not available yet when we bought the "deluxe" model. But it did offer one of the first touch pad control systems, of which I was dually impressed at the time. It cost an arm and a leg at around $450 or so, but no home was complete without one!

My daughter has been telling me it was a relic for 10 years or so. You would think she would have some respect for the instrument, she was not even in school yet when we bought it, she has 4 kids of her own now! If everything we bought would last that long, money well spent! We have been through about 1/2 dozen cars since then!

I'll miss it, but I have to admit, one of those ones that turn automatically would be nice! :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Winning With Attitude At Winco

I admit, I knew in advance that going to Winco on Saturday was in itself the original bad idea here, but sometimes you just have to do the nasty chores. I was on a roll though because I had stopped off at my favorite little Thrift Shop to browse and had found a couple of trinkets and whatnots and was feeling pleased with myself. I had to make a dash on Wally World first and even though my basket cart wouldn't go more than 3 feet per minute, I was still in and out without too much ado. At least I had a cart, which was not the case by the time I got to Winco.

I trolled the parking lot for a minute or two looking for a cart (motorized) in case there was one incoming. I was not so lucky. I parked about mid aisle which was not so bad, but there was not a chance of a cart showing up, so I bit the bullet and started hoofing it. I only got as far as the produce section before I had a Herky-Jerky and scared the bejeebers out of everyone. At least the produce guy is used to me and stopped anyone from calling an ambulance!

As I made my way through the mass of people for thier choices I was reminded of when My Hunny was in the Army. On payday, the line for the Commissary started forming by 6A.M., there would be people lined up as far as you can imagine, all the way around the parking lot by the time the doors opened. They would only allow groups of 20 to enter at a time, if you were smart you had someone to get in line as soon as you got inside, so you could go shop. The lines would form and zig zag down every single aisle. If you got there after 9 A.M. or so, there would be very little selection, by noon you were lucky to find half of what you needed. That was even worse, because then you had to go do it all again somewhere in the "civilian" realm!

After selecting all my pampered little goodies, I smile a little smile and just lean on my cart and relax as I pull up my meagerly loaded cart behind a guy ranting and raving about the long lines, slow cashiers, too many people, etc... It is not even a blip on my scale, he has half a cart and the one in front of him was unloading. Just a stroll on the beach my dear!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It Is Not A Mullet!

....Okay so maybe it is! But I don't care, I like it! I think it looks very neat, sheek and has just a touch of sass! That is how I want my hair cut. "No Mom, you can't get a mullet, only freaks, wierdos and throwbacks walk around in a mullet!" They say if the shoe fits....
Wait till she sees the color! LOL!
Oh, the extra bonus points for embarrasing my daughter do not count, mostly because I didn't intend to! Kinda takes the thrill out of it you know! :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh Happy Happy Joy Joy!

My slim hope was fulfilled! My Critter Kitty Came back home! She is alive! My Hunny proclaims she is too good to be caught, I know she was lucky! Whats more, so does she! She was covered with pieces of debris from where she burrowed in, and she is terrified of every little thing. She is VERY skitttish and jumpy so I know she barely escaped something. For the second time too I might add. She did the same thing when her sister disappeared last year. I am still saying my thanks for her safe return, both times! I sure will be keeping her close to home for awhile. I wonder how much one of those tracking things cost? :)

I spent all day shopping Saturday, what an experience that is from my new prospective on life. I am sometimes so amazed by humans that do not know how to act civil. It scares me to see the barbarism in thier faces as they knowingly do something rude or obnoxious. They are literally daring someone to stand up to them, and in this case the tiger has been declawed so all I can do is shake my head in pity with aquiescence to thier physical superiority. I pity them because I understand the damage they are doing to thier own energy. Thier negative life only draws even more negativity into thier world. Like a blackhole in thier universe, most will never recognize it nor recover in time to save themselves from an eternity spent ....I just try to steer as far clear as I can, as I do not wish to subject myself to thier forces!

What a lovely and smug little day I had with my Hunny on Sunday. We went out to the Flea market, stopped here and there around town and had a really nice time. I love those days, just gazing into the horizon, touching hands and feeling so grateful for all the good things in my world.

Todays energy focus: Making New Friends

As the circle of life moves in and out of our plane, it brings with it opportunities to establish new friendships, learning, celebrating and developing spiritual connections. Today's studio shot, Paradise II

Friday, February 8, 2008

Horror On My Mountain!

My precious kitty Critter disappeared last night! This morning my neighbor reports he is missing one of his kitties and his other one is all freaked out hiding in the house! After some investigation, he reports finding some "BIG" cat tracks just around the bend up the hill in the snow! I am not surprised, there is a lot of snow, the big creatures get hungry first. I tried to get her in as soon as I saw her dart out the door, but she wasn't having it. I knew she was feeling cagey after being penned up for the last week so I didn't chase her, there was plenty of time before dark. When I started calling her for dinner and she didn't come I knew we had a problem. I do hold out a chance she is holed up somewhere, terrified, like she did when her sister got snatched last year. She didn' come out till two days later that time, even though we were calling her and everything.

I did not make it into town today, I spent all morning looking for my kitty and crying! My poor kitty! Dangit! I will not get any more kitties. I am going to have a hard time even letting my little kitty outside ever! I am going to get a dog to guard her!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Attack Of The Cat! Hair That Is!

I spent most of my funchy moments today picking cat hair out of everything I put a paint brush to! AARRGGGHHH!!! I guess that will teach me not to start futzing around until I make a sweep of things! One time, TK even stepped in a paint spill and had it all over the room before I could catch her! Now where is a good camera-jockey when you need one? LOL!

Tomorrow is my big shopping day, I will of course be making the tri-facta run as my BF calls it. Walmart, Costco and Winco! All in the same day, it takes some real shopping stamina! I don't usually try it anymore, but I really don't have that much to buy, so it is a wimpy run at it! :0
My positive energy focus of the day: Laughter
If you can stand back and try to refocus and see the lighter side of a bad situation it can enlighten you and heal your energies, allowing for creativity and joy!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Uncle D Died Today

That is really sad, he was a pretty good guy! I didn't know him that well, and it makes me sad to realize that it will never be. He fought a good battle with a bad disease. My heart goes out to all those in pain at his passing, may they find repose in knowing he suffers no more.

Today is a quiet day for me, I tuned into my "Audio Visions" channel very early this morning and have spent most of the time in the studio. I was straightening up more than producing though! My mood is too somber to feel creative and my physical self is feeling too whiny to be pushed around.

Doing the chores and putting things in order can be very rewarding to your soul!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Day In The Studio

I finally have a day that I can make it into the studio for awhile. Wahoo! I have actually already been in there playing this morning for a few. I still had to dress the part, but it is substantially warmer, more tolerable and friendly with lights and everything! :) I am currently waiting for paint to set enough to play with it a little more. I will post some pictures later. I have been trying out some new ideas and pushing some pieces around but I haven't really finished anything yet. I have several pieces going at the same time, which is par for my record. When I do finish something, I'll have 3-4 done in the same line of thought.

The snow is melting, although quite gradually because it has been freezing every night. We are located on the side of the mountain that dosen't get much morning sun, so it takes awhile to warm up.

Here is something I have been up to lately, I am awaiting the means to mount this and she will be ready to go. So to speak, she has no destination at this point! :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Returning To The Civilized (?) World!

Wow, what a time we have had! We lost power sometime after lunch on Saturday and we just finally got powered back up this afternoon, Monday, just before 5 p.m. Oh my, we have not been enjoying that! I pulled the oil lamps back out, put an extra down comforter on the bed and we were once again so very happy to have a gas stove. You would be surprised how well a couple of burners from the kitchen work to keep you warm enough, (with a couple of extra layers of outer wear)! Well praise to the PGE were back on line now! WOO HOO!

We did get into town to try and hole up somewhere and watch the Super Bowl. But alas it was not to be. First we went to a nice pizza parlor, after we get inside and ordered a (expensive)pizza and a pitcher of beer, we look around for a seat as we realize there is NO TV AT ALL! WHAT? Yes that is right, a nice pizza, cold beer and no TV anywhere! They should be sued! So we leave the pizza place and decide to head down to the local indian gaming establishment. We couldn't afford to stay there long enough to get past the first Quarter. We dropped more bills than we ever intended and then quickly left while we still had our shirts!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Yet Another Snow Day!

Okay, so I am wayyyy done with the winter wonderland thing now! I have watched the same two DVD's until I am ready to scream! If it would at least stop for awhile my Honey could make it out to the dish and knock off a couple of inches. But alas, wishing in one hand...

I am one of those people that have never seen the value of "owning" a movie I have already seen. I can watch some movies over a couple of times as long as the viewings are spaced out just a little. The main criteria though is that I need to have at least liked the dang thing the FIRST time! Which is not the case with ONE of the two we do own! A friend gave it to us because my Honey likes it, but I do no really care too much for british humor.

I have lived in Redding since 1989 and it has NEVER snowed this much before. I was without power for some hours a couple of days ago. THAT certainly brought back some old memories, filling my oil lamps, cleaning the globes and trimming the wicks. I may not really be quite that old, but we moved onto property that did not have running water or electricity for several years of my youth. Trust me, that is enough. It makes you really appreciate what you have a lot more when you get it back!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Still A Snow Day Up Here On My Mountain!

We had a fair share and it is definately hanging around for a few days this time. The guys have been dutifully keeping the road clear, (even if I suspect that they rather enjoy it), and my Hubby has gone to work! What a hero, at least he is to me!

The worst experience for us out of the whole deal is the intermitant loss of our sattalite service! I know, big whine! I do not have ANY problem filling my time when without "outside" entertainment. I just head off straight into the studio! I have put out a couple of pieces that I like but I am right in the middle of a experimental stage. I have not tweaked it to my satisfaction yet and am having a blast playing. Unfortunately, as with all trial and error, there is the "error", which does not necessarily mean something really bad, just different!

I have recently begun trying to fulfill one of my New Years resolutions by writing more and learning how to "internet" my way along. Even posting here is part of that same said quest! I also resolved to create more art and to try to do one positive thing for myself everyday!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Redding Life

Life in Redding Calif. (as experienced and noted by me).

What a truly gorgeous day it is here upon my fine mountain top. I realize that I live higher up than some of my fellow Reddingnites, as well as below some others, but I do so love my weather here! I rarely become too overheated in the Summer, (w/swamp cooler of course), and dispite a few bouts with some minor snow, I am usually kept warmed through the winter. I understand how lucky I am and my heart goes out to those without. I feel so lucky to live in this part of the world, in this exact spot even!

I am not that able to get about, my gardening is tanamount to physical therapy. So, today was the day to prune my roses, I went about my task even as a light snow was falling around me. I know that they need to be done now. I am proud to say I completed my task and managed to do so without injury! :)

My second project today has been to prepare my "carnitas", this is the meat I will use to make taquitos in the next day or so. In the meantime we will have burritos for dinner tonight and then likely tacos tommarrow. This is how I handle a lot of meals with a minnimum of preperation. When I was younger this was just to save money and time, now it is mostly to trim my efforts!