Thursday, August 28, 2008

$40 Dish Towels, $90 Bath Mat! Life Of A Queen!

Too bad it doesn't feel like that when I am using these particular items! It actually feels like such a WASTE! (Heavy Sigh) Oh well, it beats throwing it in the trash, which is where it is just about headed! The bath mat is a piece of Chenille Fabric from Scalamandre that originally clocked in at about $125 per yard back in 1985. The dish towels, a luxurious, upholstery weight fine linen by Henry Calvin, was about $85 yard back then too. I was choking the other day as I cut up a piece of genuine, vintage, mohair fabric from about 1975. I believe it was worth your left arm back then; I was cutting it up to use as stain applicators for my husband! The beautiful Salmon Jacquard I am using as a dish-board mat; pillows for "The Lodge At Pebble Beach"! (Lamenting Heartily) 'Tis the destiny of some of this life's treasures!

I must say though, the Christmas stockings I made from Pierre Duex Fabric were really cute. More importantly, I understood that the small recipients could not care less that the red and white plaid linen originally sold for about $70 a yard, but only that they were huge and held a lot of goodies!

Those last two canvases that I bought at Michael's cost me about $15 each. Now, here I am looking at this pile of fine linen fabric, about 10 yards of it, and now I start thinking , so I wonder, if they just put some gesso on it...

more whining here...

Friday, August 22, 2008

So The Problem With Happy Plants...

They become mighty prolific! Yes indeedy!

Oh, it usually starts innocently enough. For instance the new home owner faced with a void of greenery, usually runs out and grabs cases and flats of nursery specials. Totally unaware that in just a couple of short years these same little darlings will be producing more than their flowers! In my case, I moved into a new residence and the exterior was devoid of (healthy) vegetation. So I felt compelled to begin nursing and preening everything as well as add numerous new fill ins!

So, here I am now headed into my third season, up here in my castle upon this lovely mountain. And I swear I must have been outta my mind planting all this "STUFF" OMG! It is consuming way too much of my time and resources here! I spend hours now instead of minutes watering, pruning and yanking out undesirables! I am sure they even somehow brought in outsiders, because I didn't plant all those bulbs!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Wow What A Wonderful Breath Of Paint Fumes!!!

Okay, so maybe there isn't really any fumes to speak of with my acrylics! LOL!
But, I was busy today and even in the triple digit heat, I found some joy. I realized the heat would really speed up my drying time and laid out 4 really nice pieces of linen. Since I know this is a nice heavy linen it would take a little extra heat to set it up properly! Cool, I can't wait! By this time tomorrow I will be bragging about at least 1 or 2 pieces I slung some paint on!

I Have Been Shut Down! Whew!

Recently, I had some other blogs, pages and group postings that I had started. This was primarily because I was helping a group of associates explore some new avenues of communication and announcements of their merchandise, events and news. This was mainly at their own behest mind you, not just me pulling this out of my ..., anyway... so I had begun establishing, building and filling content on same said pages/sites for the last few weeks. Well, I was pretty darn proud of my little "fledglings", so I thought to myself..."Hey, I have enough stuff going on here, I just need some traffic!" So I set about inviting all the people that were directly associated with the same said "group" of people that I was "webbing" for /about.

HHHMMM.... sounds about right doesn't it?

Well let me tell you how it really went down! (Literally)

Shortly after sending out my electronic invitations to friends and Romans, about 24 hours later, I received a copy of a group E-mailing. This E mail was worded in an urgent manner, for the others to immediately explore these sites and pages thoroughly and to report back to their leader as soon as possible! The language was such that you would believe it to be a emergency!

OMG!! What have I done? I quickly went to these websites and began scouring them for whatever atrocities I had committed! I read them over and over, no, I do not think I had insulted anyone. I had not used nary a one of the "forbidden" words anywhere! I had not used anything that I thought could be misconstrued in any way that I could find! My pictures, albeit not great, I did not think were degenerate! I read, re-read, rewrote, checked errant ads and whatever else I had on there! I spent about 4-5 hours at this the first evening I caught wind of a problem, then spent the entire next day unable to get to my computer! Trust me though, it was all I could blather on about all day to anyone that would listen! What had I done?

That evening, I received "The Call" from the leader....

After all that sweating over my content, here is what the problem was...

If you clicked onto some of the links contained in MY various sites, such as "Joe Bloes Hobby Center">fan club>friends> Sam blue, you could sometimes find content that some of the others might find questionable! Maybe you would click on the moderators profile>links>myspace>friends, wow, now some real crappolla hit the fan there baby (can't pick family folks)!! Then, of course, lets not leave out that on one of these links, >there was a link> that led to another artists website> , that led to another profile>, that had a friend listed on it> that if you went to his webpage>, he had a song on his site that was rauncy! Yup, there it is, less than 6 degrees of seperation there!

So, there is nothing wrong with my content? NO,NO,NO! CONT RARE! But, you cannot have links on OUR PAGE, that could lead to other sites, where there may be links, images or written content that we might find objectional and do not want to be associated with! So the writing "thing" is okay, on the ONE site, but you will have to remove all those links. "Oh' and that "Random Art Slide Show" ( like the one on this page) that links to a site called "Flickr"? That definitely MUST be removed, and the moderator or controller or whatever of that site should be contacted. Someone needs to be checking their content because some of their so called art is just pornographic and should not be allowed to be presented as art! We cannot be associated with these types of websites!" You can however, continue to write on the ONE website if you remove that "Flickr" images link as well as the other links and then submit your writing for approval before posting! As for the other web presentations, there are far too many objectionable links on them and are not going to be acceptable. You really will have to take them down. Also, be sure any future endeavers are approved and cleared through us before proceeding or postings!

UUHHH...... the whole comunication, links, contacts, networking, reaching out to the community concept here folks......

After arguing for about an hour over this whole debacle, my brain was done and my internal timer went, DING! HUH? Am I really sitting here arguing, conjoling and begging to be "allowed" to continue doing this whole "webbing" thing for these people? Are you kidding? Spend untold future hours preening, updating information, primpimg pages and blogging about them? The weeks have already been sucked out of me! I haven't produced a single piece of art in 2 months! I have already put into this way more than I ever intended...every bit of it for FREE! As a Volunteer! Wait, What? All for naught?

Please... Here, by all means, just let me get logged on... Alright, here we go, Let me take care of that for you...

CLICK! There you go, no more Myspace! What else? OH! Okay, CLICK, no more Craigslist! You really hate the Squidoo? Okay>CLICK>Gone! Here let me take of these others also, who needs Facebook, Wikipedia and Open Directory anyway?
Your right, uhh huh! Okay, sure thing, NO PROBLEM, yup, Good Night! Uhh Huh, Bye Now!.......

I cannot retrieve those lost hours, ideas and energies, but I can damn sure make sure I keep my FREE efforts concentrated on my own behalf from now on!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why Do I Need To Prove I Am Worthy?

Recently I found myself in a position that I found all too uncomfortably familiar and I had a very hard time holding my tongue (which was socially imperative at the time) and so now I want to F#%/*& rant a little!

I consider myself an artist. Will I say I am a GREAT artist? No WAY man, I can honestly say that I have way too much fun to take it quite that far and say I am a "serious" artist! I am not! Could I have been? Most probably! Why am I not? Because I do not want to be! Not before in life nor will I care to do so in the future! Why not? Because that whole "make it look like ...." thing is just too d%#^ much WORK! My artistic choices tend to be geared towards having more fun, spontaneity and a with just a little more instant gratification! I want you to look at my work and think "Wow, I've never seen that before! I wonder how they did that?" I do not want to spend hours grueling over the perfection of an arm or a pose! I do not care to spend my life looking at my work with microscopic scrutiny to find my mistakes! Geeesh! Just Take a PICTURE for crying out loud!

Oh, I had my moment(s) when that was a path I could have chosen, but I soon tired of the monotony of pumping out boring drawings and paintings that you could buy in a paint-by-number box! By the time I should have pushed myself forward and taken my artistic abilities to task, I BAILED! Yup, I just shut it all down and was done with it all! I punked out big time! For years I would not even mention to people that I had anything at all to do with anything artistic! I was really burned out from the "Oh, can you draw my dog? Will you paint my horse?" I would work for days on a drawing and then give it away, they are then very happy! Mention BUYING some artwork and watch 'em shut down! So if people started talking about something artistic I would just oohh and aahhh along nodding my head like a dashboard decoration!

I bet Doctors hate going to parties!

I did go through another spurt in my early adult years where I did some nudes for a few friends and a nice clammer ensued, but again, I opted to get a life! Time is money when your raising a family! Big kudos to all those awesome artists out there who stick it out and go on to make a real living or better, but I couldn't do it! My "art" became something else in my world, pride in doing excellent work, at a paying job!!

Later in life...

I had the opportunity (luxury) to take some college courses for my leisure (as opposed to career geared) and found myself drawn to taking several art classes! I took whatever they threw my way for a couple of semesters and then I took a class on "Abstract and Surrealism", WOWEE!! I found something that opened my mind, eyes and abilities to a whole new world! AND I LIKED IT! I have won several awards, so I feel like I am okay, I feel SELF justified! It was a great new avenue for me and to tell you the truth... I hardley ever look back... only when someone says "Oh... your an ABSTRACT artist, doesn't that just mean you can't draw?"

Yeah....that's it! :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Too Much Good Stuff!"? I Call BS! Eat My Shorts...

As I was collecting my change I was still fuming, I said "I will NEVER step foot in this store again"! "Good", Susan Says, "We don't want you to come back!" I loudly proclaim " I'll be writing about this somewhere, I promise! To complain to corporate or even around Redding!" "Great, have a good time with all that writing then" she shoots to me! Lovely customer service policy there at the corner AM/PM store!

I certainly intend to hold up my end of the deal! It all started because I refused to pay $1.79 for a cup of ice (MY CUP) to go with my $2.00 SoBe! They also wanted another $1.79 for my G daughters waterbottle (her bottle) full of water/ice, even though she was also buying a large Slurpee (another $2.00)! We were not using their cups, nor were we "none buying" customers and I felt this was outrageous and asked her to please just pour out the offending vessels! She was angry now that I was outraged! GMAFB! If you need to ask..Don't!

Now I have been doing this for many years, in many places and have paid for my ice quite a few times! I would even expect to pay a nominal fee such as .25-.50 or something even reasonably close! I am a fairly loyal patron and certainly a creature of habit, I may not be a wealthy person, but I spend a reasonable enough amount of my hard cash at one of the OTHER AM/PM stores!.. I will be paying close attention on my next trip I promise! If they are charging me that I will just not stop THERE anymore either! Neither will anyone in my family nor a single one of my friends once I tell them this outrageous gaffe! We are already choking on the "No credit card, but we will charge you up the wazoo to use your ATM" rule they have going!

I don't NEED the AM/PM!