Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Too Much Good Stuff!"? I Call BS! Eat My Shorts...

As I was collecting my change I was still fuming, I said "I will NEVER step foot in this store again"! "Good", Susan Says, "We don't want you to come back!" I loudly proclaim " I'll be writing about this somewhere, I promise! To complain to corporate or even around Redding!" "Great, have a good time with all that writing then" she shoots to me! Lovely customer service policy there at the corner AM/PM store!

I certainly intend to hold up my end of the deal! It all started because I refused to pay $1.79 for a cup of ice (MY CUP) to go with my $2.00 SoBe! They also wanted another $1.79 for my G daughters waterbottle (her bottle) full of water/ice, even though she was also buying a large Slurpee (another $2.00)! We were not using their cups, nor were we "none buying" customers and I felt this was outrageous and asked her to please just pour out the offending vessels! She was angry now that I was outraged! GMAFB! If you need to ask..Don't!

Now I have been doing this for many years, in many places and have paid for my ice quite a few times! I would even expect to pay a nominal fee such as .25-.50 or something even reasonably close! I am a fairly loyal patron and certainly a creature of habit, I may not be a wealthy person, but I spend a reasonable enough amount of my hard cash at one of the OTHER AM/PM stores!.. I will be paying close attention on my next trip I promise! If they are charging me that I will just not stop THERE anymore either! Neither will anyone in my family nor a single one of my friends once I tell them this outrageous gaffe! We are already choking on the "No credit card, but we will charge you up the wazoo to use your ATM" rule they have going!

I don't NEED the AM/PM!

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