Saturday, February 20, 2010

For Today, A Short Recap On "How I Broke My Neck And Now My Life Sucks!" Or, Pity Party Part III

Okay, so 3 years ago I broke my neck while fixing my daughters Bronco, which I had no business up to my neck on in the first place! Long story here!  So, a few lingering nerve issues later, well, more exactly, a bizzare one in 300,000 condition called Arachnoiditis w/ Myoclonic Dystonia!  We just call it the Herky Jerky's!  I am trying to get on with a life, live and do what I can to function and be as normal as I can.

I was actually doing okay, polishing up some old artist skills and trying out some cool new works!  I even took First AND Second place again at a local County Fair!  WooHoo!!  Then comes the Mountain Road Man!  What a wild one that is, tale that is, true, but incredible!  Seems this guy Actually owned the road where we lived and was calling off all bets. see post 9/21/08, 9/25/08 for longer version. We were forced to move out suddenly, and thank GOD for our Step-Up-To-The-Home-Plate friends J&D, we have had a place to live since then.  We are currently trying to purchase a house that we have had a bid in since Sept 9, 09, yup almost 6 months of sitting on our little hatchling of hope!

Now I had a disasterous Gallbladder issue that laid me up since Valentines Day with massive surgery, hospital and medication nightmares!

But here I am, I swear, I get knocked down, but I get up again!  You ain't never gonna keep me down! :)