Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rain No Damper On Watershed Festival

I have to say there was still what looked to be a fine crowd today at the Redding Whole Earth and Watershed Festival! held in the City Hall Sculptural Park!  I have attended this before, but this year it was a really BIG event!  How wonderful to see so many people out enjoying a great day with the Family and Exploring Northstate Offerings!

There was great music, delicious food, more than enjoyable music and lots of Wonderful Art!
Partnerships this year with Raba, Turtle Bay and Shasta Living Streets was a huge success as far as I could tell!  I enjoyed booths from many Agency's like the Shasta Chapter of the Native Plants Society, Very Informative, I learned a lot about plants that are not even indigenous to this area that are not very friendly!  Growing Local People were having fun and had some great plants too!  There was Churn Creek, Hat Creek And so many more I can't even list them all!  A complete list of the Vendors is Here!

I saw my friend Nadia from the Bohemian Art Loft with some of her Beautiful Unique Handmade Jewelry!  The day would have been incomplete if I had not gotten to the Wow Waffle Tent,  Unbelievable!  If I could make waffles like that.....mmmmmmm....  :)

It was very interesting to see the "Shasta Living Streets Program" concept of opening the streets to foot traffic and promoting an OPEN AIR DAY! It was a delight and I had a lot of fun as I am sure there are many happy children that enjoyed a day out and about with the Family!!

I did venture on across the way to see my friend Mark at the Shamrock....

Monday, March 28, 2011

Upcoming Show Causes Local Uproar!

In a really Good Way!  The First of this budding Venture..."The Burlap Harlot Show" at the Anderson Fairgrounds May 7th, is promising to be a really Spectacular Event!  Everyone Needs To Get Out There...This is a Perfect Example "Buy Local & Buy American"!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sidling Sideways Into The Shamrock!

Cafe that is!  What a nice little neighborhood flavored spot he has on the corner there for the Shamrock Cafe & Creamery! Even though I have been trying to make a point of stopping by and meeting owner Mark Loring in person, since I have been bantering with him for some time now as a FaceBook friend, I was not planning on stopping in, I had just eaten a Huge bowl of Beans & Cornbread!  I was only driving by on my way to the Orchard Nutrition !  But, as I was doing that slow drive-by, I noticed a familiar looking Bald Head pointed right at me with a smile and a wave!  As I was cracking up, haven't seen Ruben since his "Hair Follies" I had to stop and get a good laugh out of it!

Mark was a really nice Guy in person, insisted on serving me some of his Renowned Cream-O-Broccoli Soup, I thought I was going to Explode from eating more after my Beans... but it Was very good!  I ate it all, skipped the Ice Cream, ...Dam ...that is sure to be a DELIGHTFUL treat!!  Next time!  I did get the inside scoop that he is having a Awesome Custom BBQ Wagon built, I can't wait to see that Baby up and running!  I want to make sure and invite him out to BBQ at my ArtStock Event!  :)

Of course... the REAL Heart Winning moment for me was... when I realized that he WAS putting food out for the cute little skittish, Stray Kitty he was denying anything to do with... LOL!  A man after my heart...  "0  I'll be going back again Really Soon!  :)

Remember to get out and Support Local Business!  Save America ~ Buy American!

Life In Redding Still Goes On...

Even though I have moved to such a sweet little town that I love, I still do not get out there and hustle like I should for my blog fodder... I do not however, seem to have ANY problem finding trouble (oh, er, uhm), entertainment... when I make my way to the Big Town North!  :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Well, I Moved My Life To Anderson, Switching To A Different Blog!!

I am now set up and writing from out here in Anderson, CA. I no longer live in Redding!  Please visit my studio blog at   to see what I have been up to and what is currently going on in my life!
I love it here in my quiet little neighborhood, so far I have seen quite a bit of the town, but I still do not get out that much and it is hard to write about what you haven't seen!  So hopefully I will get something rolling out here soon!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Little Sisters

They get in your stuff, tattle every chance they get, pull every mean stunt they can think of, follow you around like a puppy till you scream, infuriate you beyond reasonable means!  Then they have the audacity to make you love them... and now mine has the gall to fall irreparably ill....

Damn her anyway...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Inaugural Pot Of Menudo Gets Two Thumbs Up!

I believe His words were "The best pot ever made!"
Since I have made Mucho Menudo, this is really saying something!