Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Sixteen Ton What Do You Get?"

I am sure that Mr. Ford never intended that tune as a dietary inspiration but unfortunately this has always been the tune that runs through my mind when ever the dreaded D word rolls around in my mind! DIET! AARRGGHH! Another thing I must deal with!

Some years ago I developed my own diet plan and refer to it according to the above ditty. I call it the 16 stone diet! HAHAHA I know it is funny, but it works for me! I drove off about 75 pounds in just under a year. That was great, then I let them just creep right back in and I believe they brought a couple of Friends!

So back to it I must dedicate, for my health is reminding me that I am a very mortal creature and need to pay attention! Writing this today is hereby declaring that I am embarking on said mission!

This is a chip out of a painting by one of my favorite artists : Duane Breyers, anyone know the name of this beauty? Hint: mid 1900's

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh No! I stepped in a pile of what?

I did it again, another pile of (scraps)! LOL! You would think I would learn to shut the trap door and stop letting out the hot air! Once again, I volunteered to (help?) my G-daughter make some nice autograph books for her friends and self for the end of school. It sure looked easy enough on that Internet website instruction page and lord knows I could use another outlet for some albatross (oops, I mean fabric) ( ) anywhere it can be appreciated! She has only been at that school for a couple of months, how many close friends can she have? Turns out that 6 was the magic number.

Everyone knows it is never as easy as it looks. Especially when it needs to be dealt with by a menopausal, OCD driven, self monitoring volunteer! I am going to leave the rest of that story to ones own imagination! I will say that I think they all came out quite lovely! My Hunny even tried to score one for himself. I convinced him that even if it was blue, the floral silk was still not really his forte!

Now I have to get it together for the next pile of do! I still have about 4 different pieces on my work table that are NEARLY done, I just have to get'er done!

The very next piece to be finished will be my good friend's BD present that is calling to me with the urgency of an aproaching date!

I will not even mention the OTHER work I volenteered for at my local art league!