Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why Is It So Painful To Give Up The Old And Adopt The New?

This morning as I used my relic curling iron I looked at the package and realized the woman in the photo had a bouffant! Are you frickin serious? What year was this thing made? Let's see, I have had it since about 1983 and I believe my mother gave it to me. HHmmm, WELL! Maybe it is a little old! But it has interchangeable, different size curling heads AND it swivels so the cord doesn’t tangle! Where are you going to find something like that now? You would have to buy 3 different irons for crying out loud! I must admit, there is an element of fear though when I get that old dried out cord a little too close to the sink! LOL

The thing is, I haven’t used it until now in over two years, why bother?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ravaged By Road Rage!

That is a short statement because the long one contains a whole string of known obscenities! I choke every time I try to come to grips with my new reality and realize how truly screwed I am! I feel panic every time I let my mind encompass the "whole" situation and just keep trying to focus on smaller pieces of the disaster at any one time.

I called the storage and then bought a (choke) newspaper (?) that has no real estate listings at all? I did find a ready (free) supply of little "magazines" at the local "FeedCo" store, with numerous listings! Unfortunately, unless I hit the lottery in the next 30 days, that old snowball in hell has a better chance of survival for sure!

When I E-mailed a realtor with an inquiry and mentioned my price range he E'd me back with a statement of "I doubt you can find anything Livable in That range.. Good luck with that!"

I was due to fill my hummingbird feeders but I decided I better not feed them anymore because they need to move on for the winter or they will starve!

This morning, I didn’t even bother to chase away the bears! Let ‘em move in!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Road Dispute Leaves Me In The Streets!

I am now a casualty of an ongoing dispute between the guy that owns the road and some other property owners up here on my mountain!  I have just been issued a 30 day notice because this guy is putting up a gate and closing the road!  I hear from everyone... Oh, but he can't do that, well, I do not believe he is currently listening!  Even though it will eventually go to court or whatever, that still does not help me in any way, I am just a piece of flopsom in this ocean of legal mumbo jumbo!

So, as of the end of the month I will no longer have a place to live and do not know yet what I will do.  Chances are pretty good I will be hitting up friends until I can save some money for a place!  This means I will probably not be doing much blogging by then!

Although I am scared and unsure of what will happen to me, I am able brained and sure I will land upright eventually, but I am VERY worried about my two Kitty Cats!  I do not have any way to take care of them!  The youngest will be okay somewhere I'm sure, she has social skills, but my big Kitty is a freak and I do not know how she will make it out there in the world!

Oh, and just for good measure, after much work and cash, my car still won't pass her smog, so my car is DOA too...
Okay - now - Just a quick kick to the head...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Words Of Wisdom Wasted Today...

if only I knew how to get them to the inside of that little brain! Instead I know as the words fell from my lips "You are destined to become what you are practicing for today!", I knew it bounced off her pubescent ears and fell on the floor, she stepped in it and then trailed it off across the parking lot as she stepped out of the car and trotted off to class!

She didn't get it and I know I only sounded like an old weirdo, but I couldn't help it or even stop myself from saying it!  Where in the hell did I pull that out of anyway?

But the truth in that line.....

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Start Of A New Week Begins Another To-Do List That Will Never Be Done!

I am not complaining of course, merely stating the facts as I see 'em! There is a deep appreciation for the attention deficit part of me when it comes to creativity and spontaneity, but when it comes to the organization part and actually getting anything done I have to rely on the old OCD to pull something together!
So far I am on a roll, but the week is young! I only put of about 6-7 projects off today’s list. I am sure I’ll get a better start tomorrow! :)

I did however manage to finish one of my new paintings today! 

Lionessa Del Sol
Go have a busy day, I will!  HAHAHA

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Can Believe In Fairies If I WANT TO!

Okay, So Maybe it is not really a conviction I hold to my soul, but I still feel a little like stamping my feet anyway! I was confronted with that yank on my chain yesterday. I admitted to consulting a deck of "Fairy Oracle" cards I enthusiastically brandish as a cute little entertaining tool for dispensing advice (primarily) to my G kids to someone at a social event. This led to an astonishing "admonishment" about how these things are against God and are inherently evil!

Some people just feel the need to poop on someone else’s good times!

Yeah, my Pastor told me that I should not bring my friends to church if they didn't have nicer clothes because it was insulting to God that they looked "SHABBY"! I don't like YOUR GOD! My GOD Doesn’t give a ratz azz what my friends are wearing so long as they are seeking positive energies for their SOULS!

No I do not believe that these innocent cards are going to lead my G kids or influence any of my friends to become Satan Worshipers or slaughter sacrificial animals! I do not believe that Harry Potter was written by a secret cult to indoctrinate children into Satanism either!

Back off you zealot freaks!

Here is what my G daughter’s card said for today's message from the FAIRIES!

"Raising Your Standards" The fairies ask you to concentrate on relinquishing negative thoughts and to affirm to yourself that you deserve the best and to set your sights ahead to higher goals! They encourage you to remember that all of Gods children deserve the richest rewards when committed to living by higher standards.

Evil, PURE EVIL I say!