Thursday, August 28, 2008

$40 Dish Towels, $90 Bath Mat! Life Of A Queen!

Too bad it doesn't feel like that when I am using these particular items! It actually feels like such a WASTE! (Heavy Sigh) Oh well, it beats throwing it in the trash, which is where it is just about headed! The bath mat is a piece of Chenille Fabric from Scalamandre that originally clocked in at about $125 per yard back in 1985. The dish towels, a luxurious, upholstery weight fine linen by Henry Calvin, was about $85 yard back then too. I was choking the other day as I cut up a piece of genuine, vintage, mohair fabric from about 1975. I believe it was worth your left arm back then; I was cutting it up to use as stain applicators for my husband! The beautiful Salmon Jacquard I am using as a dish-board mat; pillows for "The Lodge At Pebble Beach"! (Lamenting Heartily) 'Tis the destiny of some of this life's treasures!

I must say though, the Christmas stockings I made from Pierre Duex Fabric were really cute. More importantly, I understood that the small recipients could not care less that the red and white plaid linen originally sold for about $70 a yard, but only that they were huge and held a lot of goodies!

Those last two canvases that I bought at Michael's cost me about $15 each. Now, here I am looking at this pile of fine linen fabric, about 10 yards of it, and now I start thinking , so I wonder, if they just put some gesso on it...

more whining here...

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