Thursday, March 26, 2009

Totting Teas And Tipping Tinctures!

I have been sick lately, a dastartdly "cootie" jumped on me and beat me up!  I have a standard way of dealing with these occasional bullies... I fight back!  Usually I try to head them off at the pass, in this case the "nose" when I can tell I have been invaded.  Unfortunately, this one snuck by me in the guise of an allergy episode!

First line of attack, sneeze and get rid of as many invaders as possible!  Then kick in the fluids to rinse it all down.  Everyone knows the rest...I can't be the only one that watches PBS for crying out loud!

I avoid OTC interaction as much as possible and instead rely heavily on Vit-C, juice, green tea and chicken noodle soup, etc... But totally avoid things like Nyqui-Something, Thera-Anything, or any type products and such-nots...
My friend however thumbs her nose at my herbs and teas, scoffing and rolling of the eyes as she takes some tincture I've offered just to shut me up!  Then will drink half a bottle of green, a healthy third of the red and then top it off with a good overdose of pills washing it all down with a beer!  I don't know which of us is the crazier but I'm betting my LIVER is a lot happier than hers!

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