Friday, March 13, 2009

ATT: Retailers: Time To Resurrect LONG Dead Customer "SERVICE"

Retail shoppers are sick to death of being treated as if YOU are doing them a favor by offering us your wares!  In this time of screaming pennies, people tend to be a bit more selective of where and how they toss thier $$cash$$ around!
Customer Lost--Retail Giant Linen Store- $200+ sale
Customer- Excuse me, I think that comforter is on sale, it should be $59 but it rang up as $89.
Cashier (rolls eyes pointedly while sighing): I don't think so, but let me call somebody and find out!
*My friend now wants to slap this fellow as if she where his mother!
After MUCH, MUCH, MUCH ado.....
I'm sorry, that sale is only for the Green, Brown and Grey ones, the Blue ones are full price!
After all this, customer buys Brown one, vows to never return to ...Oh!...WAIT!... their going out of business, thats right, hmmmm....guess we will be buying sheets somewhere else for TWO reasons now!

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