Monday, February 25, 2008

Redding Should Be An Artists Mecca!

As wonderful as Redding is, I can't help but feel like there is a certain lack of enthusiasm towards the "Arts" here bouts! I am an artist, saying that to anyone during a conversation almost always solicits some pretty odd responses. Usually though, along the lines of "too bad you can't find a real job!" Not in those exact words mind you, but it is definitely implied by all means! I find I am defending myself in no time flat! Somehow, within a few moments of the conversation, I find myself stammering something about not being able to work any more and that I can barely even get to my artwork. Admitting to being an artist is tantamount to saying "I am just too lazy to try to work for a living" as far as most people here seem to feel.

I lived in Monterey when I started taking Art classes. The "Art" atmosphere there felt quite different. If you tell anyone you are an artist in that area of the land, you are apt to feel more like a Dr. at a dinner party! "Really? Oh my gosh, I have a wall that I need to do something with! What kind of art do you do? I would love to see your work!" If you say you are an "Award winning artist" you are a treated as if you could walk on water! I was thrilled to explore art in such a vibrant and enthusiastic environment!

I can say that in my honest opinion, Redding has by far, much more of a potential draw for artistic souls than even the finest "scene" offered on the coast. We have some of the most spectacular sights, inspirational opportunity and soul capturing ambiance that can be had! Ask any Reddingite, once the red dirt gets in your veins, you will always return! I can visualize Redding as an artistic hub that would make some other "Artistic Meccas" look like dried up wells!

Alas, it is all in the attitude. There must be an appreciation for the abilities of an artist, at the very least some feeling of respect! I belong to a local art group and they are constantly struggling to keep enough people interested to keep even a small semblance of the "Art Culture" alive here in these parts!

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