Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chili Yesterday, Tamales today!

I guess I must be on a roll, cause I have spent entirely too much time in the kitchen the last couple of days! My Hunny sure likes all the home made goodies. Unfortunately for me, after 25 years, he no longer feels like it is too much of a big thing. He has a reaction like you would to a TV dinner on Friday night! Uh, yeah thats okay, put that in my lunch tomorrow! That is the highest compliment my Hunny can dole out! Of course, if I try to serve anything not "home-made" I never hear the end of it!

We stopped at a local fast food place, on way home from night on the town, "Why can't you just make something when we get home?" "No dear, it is already 10:30 at night, I am not going home to cook!" "I don't like this chili, don't buy it ever again, why don't you make some? Tomorrow!"

Trip to winco later, I make a KILLER pot of chili! Then...

What the heck is that? Did you buy tamales? Why can't you just make some? What is even in those? I bet those are full of junk, probably not even good for me! I don't want any of those, just fix me a sandwich or something!

So today I forced my BF to come on up to my mountain and help me make some tamales! I am hoping they are successful. I have made them before, but again, nobody is perfect! EXCEPT MARTHA!

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