Monday, February 25, 2008

Up To My Neck In The Suds!

I'm quite sure that if you ask someone in sales about handing out samples, they will say that they really do work. I am a sucker for a good sample. The key word here is "good"of course. If I try something that I really like, I will go out of my way to obtain it again.

Recently, I found a small bottle of Meyers Dish soap, Geranium scent to be exact, at one of my favorite hunting grounds. I know that manufacturers give up goods to these discount places as a way to get rid of the merchandise they need to "dump" for whatever reason. I really don't mind that though, I just love a good bargain, hence my frequent trips to every bargain bin in our area. Anyway, so I bought this same said small bottle, mostly because I know of the brand from previous life experience and knew it was a great bargain. (I once was a nanny for a well-to-do couple, the lady of the house insisted that I shop where she dictated. Her credit card, I shop where she tells me to!) I only bought one bottle because of my tight budget and figured that if I liked it I would try to get back and get some more on payday. Well as it goes in my world. I LOVED, loved, loved the stuff and when I got back to the store, it was all GONE! AAARRGGGHHH!!

So now I have nearly used this small 8 oz bottle up, even though I have been as snigly as possible to achieve as much use out of it as possible. Now I had to go the extra distance and actually find a way to get my hands on more! So the people that make this magnificent product would be happy to know I just ordered a whole case of this product, to get the best deal possible, on it's way to uplift my spirits while immersed in my pile of dishes!

I know it sounds silly, but let me say, this stuff is really, no I mean really GREAT! It smells sooo good, I have investigated perfumes with "geranium" tones! How bad is that? I have to say, it even cuts the grease as well as my beloved Dawn! I have been preaching Dawn to my friends and family for years, even bought it for them to get them going! I can say though, if they want some of my Meyers they better whip out the credit card, I have the web site on my desktop, they even have free shipping! LOL! :)

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