Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Dinosaur Down

Today was the day that my JC Penny microwave, that we bought brand new for our first apartment back in 1984, decided it would wave no more! I knew for awhile that it was feeling a little "under powered". I had to turn everything several times for even heat. It did not have a turntable, that was not available yet when we bought the "deluxe" model. But it did offer one of the first touch pad control systems, of which I was dually impressed at the time. It cost an arm and a leg at around $450 or so, but no home was complete without one!

My daughter has been telling me it was a relic for 10 years or so. You would think she would have some respect for the instrument, she was not even in school yet when we bought it, she has 4 kids of her own now! If everything we bought would last that long, money well spent! We have been through about 1/2 dozen cars since then!

I'll miss it, but I have to admit, one of those ones that turn automatically would be nice! :)

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