Monday, February 4, 2008

Returning To The Civilized (?) World!

Wow, what a time we have had! We lost power sometime after lunch on Saturday and we just finally got powered back up this afternoon, Monday, just before 5 p.m. Oh my, we have not been enjoying that! I pulled the oil lamps back out, put an extra down comforter on the bed and we were once again so very happy to have a gas stove. You would be surprised how well a couple of burners from the kitchen work to keep you warm enough, (with a couple of extra layers of outer wear)! Well praise to the PGE were back on line now! WOO HOO!

We did get into town to try and hole up somewhere and watch the Super Bowl. But alas it was not to be. First we went to a nice pizza parlor, after we get inside and ordered a (expensive)pizza and a pitcher of beer, we look around for a seat as we realize there is NO TV AT ALL! WHAT? Yes that is right, a nice pizza, cold beer and no TV anywhere! They should be sued! So we leave the pizza place and decide to head down to the local indian gaming establishment. We couldn't afford to stay there long enough to get past the first Quarter. We dropped more bills than we ever intended and then quickly left while we still had our shirts!

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