Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Day In The Studio

I finally have a day that I can make it into the studio for awhile. Wahoo! I have actually already been in there playing this morning for a few. I still had to dress the part, but it is substantially warmer, more tolerable and friendly with lights and everything! :) I am currently waiting for paint to set enough to play with it a little more. I will post some pictures later. I have been trying out some new ideas and pushing some pieces around but I haven't really finished anything yet. I have several pieces going at the same time, which is par for my record. When I do finish something, I'll have 3-4 done in the same line of thought.

The snow is melting, although quite gradually because it has been freezing every night. We are located on the side of the mountain that dosen't get much morning sun, so it takes awhile to warm up.

Here is something I have been up to lately, I am awaiting the means to mount this and she will be ready to go. So to speak, she has no destination at this point! :)

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