Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh Happy Happy Joy Joy!

My slim hope was fulfilled! My Critter Kitty Came back home! She is alive! My Hunny proclaims she is too good to be caught, I know she was lucky! Whats more, so does she! She was covered with pieces of debris from where she burrowed in, and she is terrified of every little thing. She is VERY skitttish and jumpy so I know she barely escaped something. For the second time too I might add. She did the same thing when her sister disappeared last year. I am still saying my thanks for her safe return, both times! I sure will be keeping her close to home for awhile. I wonder how much one of those tracking things cost? :)

I spent all day shopping Saturday, what an experience that is from my new prospective on life. I am sometimes so amazed by humans that do not know how to act civil. It scares me to see the barbarism in thier faces as they knowingly do something rude or obnoxious. They are literally daring someone to stand up to them, and in this case the tiger has been declawed so all I can do is shake my head in pity with aquiescence to thier physical superiority. I pity them because I understand the damage they are doing to thier own energy. Thier negative life only draws even more negativity into thier world. Like a blackhole in thier universe, most will never recognize it nor recover in time to save themselves from an eternity spent ....I just try to steer as far clear as I can, as I do not wish to subject myself to thier forces!

What a lovely and smug little day I had with my Hunny on Sunday. We went out to the Flea market, stopped here and there around town and had a really nice time. I love those days, just gazing into the horizon, touching hands and feeling so grateful for all the good things in my world.

Todays energy focus: Making New Friends

As the circle of life moves in and out of our plane, it brings with it opportunities to establish new friendships, learning, celebrating and developing spiritual connections. Today's studio shot, Paradise II

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