Monday, August 3, 2009

His And Hers Gourmet Pizza!

I found the nicest pair of Mini Pizza Pans at the Grocery Outlet awhile back and rediscovered them in my cabinet last night!  I was inspired!  Viola', His And Hers!

First I bought the ready made dough from WinCo, along with shredded 5 cheese Italian blend to go! I like a good White Sauce, while my Hunny prefers the Red!  For his, I selected a jar right out of the fridge left over from "Italian Chicken Sandwiches" last week, a very nice "Italian Sausage Marinara".  For my white sauce I bought a small container of Spinach Dip out of the deli and then used the last of the French Onion Dip, again out of the fridge, and mixed them together!  For both Pizzas I saute'd mushrooms and pan fried some red onions, sliced some jumbo black olives and crushed red peppers.  For his Red Sauce Pizza, I topped it with Canadian Bacon & Linguisa, then for my White Sauce Pizza, I used leftover roasted chicken and artichoke hearts!

These were undoubtedly the BEST pizzas ever!

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