Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's To Love About Purple Stains?

Everything!  It means the Boysenberries are ripe!  WooHoo!  We just got back in from a first picking from our "Berry Tunnel"!  Oh, they are MAGNIFICIENT!  Some of the best berries ever I swear!  I did manage to capture some footage when we were "weaving" our tunnel of vines, but unfortunately, I have still not figured out my butt from a hole in the... oh.. wait.. I mean how to operate this computer enough to get any video involved here!  But back to the berries!  Yes we have a wire "Tunnel that is approx. 18-20 foot long and far enough over my head that it requires a ladder for us shorties!  Late winter or so we went out and pruned the growth from last year and wove all the vines up and even a couple over the top of said tunnel.  It is the 3rd year of growth now and it is really filled in substantially!  We will be overwhelmed with berries here in just a few days!

We barely just got over the Cherries!  We have frozen cherries, dried cherries, canned cherries and cherry jam (some cherry syrup too) :) !

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