Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thank God I Was Born In America!

I am shaken sometimes when I realize the horrors survived by other humans in other parts of the world! I wish there was some way I could instill that empathy into my grandchildren so that they could understand the significant opportunity they have been blessed with JUST because they were born in America! I want to brow beat them into knowing the sacrifices that our armed forces make to allow them those privileges that they take for such granted as to even show contempt and disdain! How I would love to transport them to live in a remote village in Africa, to China or some other third world low spot and let them hang out there for a month!

Even more appalling is the treatment of women in some of these places! It just makes me angry and wish there was something I could do! I don't mean like vote for someone or send in rice either! I want to pummel someone!
These ladies are doing just that! Check it out! http://gulabi.hautetfort.com/

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