Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Denny's Delivers Dyn-o-myte "Grand Slam"

Denny’s Hits A “Grand Slam” With Publicity Stunt!

Wow!  FREE BREAKFAST!  I was so very disappointed yesterday after reading that we had missed the great festivities at the Cascade.  And then, what do you know (BAM) Denny’s pulls out this cool publicity stunt and it is plastered all over the radio and spread like wildfire by word of mouth.  Hmm, seems like Redding really responds to the radio, (hmm, have to explore more….)  Anyway, JM and I jump in the trusty van and off we go…

As we arrived at the Denny’s of our choosing, (Vagabond) we observed a really long line leading out the door and around the sidewalk for a significant distance.  We discussed the possibility of going to the other side of the freeway but decided that it would be the same no matter which one we went to because even behind us now, people were driving and walking in droves!  Good Karma opened a parking spot as if we had an invitation.  If we were on the fence about giving up or sticking it out for the adventure, we took it as a sign that it was meant for us to go!  LOL!

We arrived in time for Channel 7 KRCR to turn the camera on us.  We both quickly tried to shrink away, she with her “Morning Coat” on and I with my “Rooster” hair!  Later we watched ourselves on TV anyway!  HAHAHA!  The line snaked through the lobby, out the door and about halfway down the side of the building when we arrived!  However we did notice right away that the line was moving steadily and that everyone seemed to be in really great spirits.  The line moved impressively fast and we were inside and seated in an astonishing 20-25 minutes!

The atmosphere was cheerful and the staff was moving quickly with obvious coordination.  I know how hard it is to serve in just this type of atmosphere from “my world” past, so I can relate in a big way!  Our server was friendly without being wooden, she was quick without being too brisk, was very efficient and our food arrived fresh, hot and perfectly prepared as ordered.  Again, with a smile and amazing service!

I enquired to a couple of the staff as to the purpose of the “Free Event” today and was told that Denny’s wanted to reintroduce people to their establishment and draw new attention to their standards of service and food!  So, simply a “Publicity Stunt”!

Well then YAY,  Well done!  Woo-Hoo!

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